Heavy Vehicles

Transmod’s engineer is a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Approved Vehicle Examiner (AVE). Transmod is well-positioned to support fleet operators and business with specialist vehicle engineering services to ensure compliance and safety standards are met.

Some common modifications that require certification are:

  • Single tyre conversion
  • GVM/GCM rating upgrade/downgrade
  • Seating and restraint additions and alterations
  • Chassis modifications
  • Additional axles and wheelbase alteration
  • Body and tow coupling installation

Transmod has the authority to provide certification for all VSB6 heavy vehicle modification codes:

A1 – Engine Substitution
A2 – Air Cleaner Substitution or Additional Fitment
A3 – TurboCharger Installation
A4 – Exhaust System Alterations
A5 – Road Speed Limiter Installation

B1 – Transmission Substitution or Additional Fitment

C1 – Tail shaft Alterations

D1 – Rear Axle/s Installation
D2 – Differential Substitution
D3 – Fitting of non-standard rear wheel components Missing from list

E1 – Front Axle Installation
E2 – Steering System Alteration
E3 – Fitting of Non-Standard Wheels and Rims and Tyre Componentry

F1 – Suspension Substitution
F2 – Trailer Suspension Modification

G1 – Air Brake System – Repositioning of Controls, Valves & Pipe work
G2 – Fitting of Trailer Brake 10 plus Connections & Controls on Prime Movers
G3 – Trailer Brake System Upgrading
G4 – Brake System Certification
G5 – Auxiliary Brake Installation
G6 – Air Operated Accessories
G7 – Brake System Substitution
G8 – Trailer Brake System Upgrade

H1 – Wheelbase Extension greater than 1st Manufacturer’s Option
H2 – Wheelbase Reduction less than 1st Manufacturer’s Option
H3 – Wheelbase Extension or Reduction within 1st Manufacturer’s Option
H4 – Chassis Frame Alteration other than Change in Wheelbase
H5 – Trailer Chassis frame Modification
H6 – Certification of Front Underrun Protection on Heavy Vehicles and Certification of Bullbars for Fitting to ADR 84/00 Compliant Vehicles
H7 – Design or manufacture of aftermarket front underrun protection Missing from list

J1 – Mounting of Body – Vehicles greater than 4.5 tonne GVM
J2 – Fitting of truck-bus body
J3 – Fitting of roll-over or falling object protection system

K1 – Seating capacity Alteration & Seat Belt Alteration
K2 – Seat belt Anchorage Certification
K3 – Cabin Conversion
K5 – Installation of wheelchair occupant restraint system
K6 – Child restraint anchorage installation

M1 – Fuel Tank repositioning or Additional Fitting

P1 – Tow Coupling Installation Vehicle greater than 4.5 tonne GVM
P2 – Fifth Wheel & King Pin Installation

R1 – Goods Loading Device Installation
R2 – Wheelchair Loader Installation

S1 – GVM Rating and GCM Rating to S2 or S3 approved design or within Manufacturer’s Specifications
S2 – GVM Rating for Non Standard Vehicles
S3 – GCM rating approved design certification for non-standard vehicles or special vehicles
S4 – Rigid Omnibus Mass Rating
S5 – Articulated Omnibus Mass Rating
S6 – Omnibus Evaluation
S7 – Aggregate Trailer Mass Rating to S12 approved design or within manufacturer’s specification
S8 – Road Train Prime Mover Rating
S9 – B-Double Rating
S10 – Concessional Livestock Loading Vehicle Rating
S11 – Road Train Trailer Rating
S12 – ATM Rating for approved design certification for Non Standard Trailers
S13 – Bus Life Vehicle Rating

T1 – Construction of Tow Trucks
T2 – Design of Tow Trucks