Caravans & Trailers

Transmod offers caravan ATM upgrade (and downgrade) assessment and certification services. Transmod has authority from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to alter the trailer weight ratings beyond the original manufacturers.

With experience from the review and certification of thousands of caravans, Transmod can quickly identify problem areas and ensure rating changes are safe, practical, and cost-effective. When you contact Transmod you will talk directly with a qualified mechanical engineer that can assist you with all aspects of your towing combination ratings.

Transmod works with several local fabrication businesses that can assist with all chassis and suspension modification projects.

The rating change is made official by the fitment of a modification plate to the trailer. This plate is sometimes referred to as a “mod plate” or “blue plate”. It contains details of the new ratings and other important information relating to the certification. The trailer rating certification is valid Australia wide linked to Queensland registration. We will assist you with updating the trailer registration for the new ratings. The applicable QLD modification codes are LS12 and LS14.

Common reasons for increasing a trailers weight rating are peace of mind, preventing fines and satisfying insurance requirements. Increasing the weight ratings can also add value to caravan or trailer when it’s time to sell by giving buyers confidence that weights have been addressed.