General Mechanical Engineering, Design & Certification

Transmod provides a range of professional mechanical engineering services that spans inspection, analysis, design, testing and certification. Some common services include:

  • Bespoke lifting gear design and certification – design and certification od new and existing equipment to Australian Standard 4991-2004.
  • Forklift attachments – design and certification for new and existing forklift attachments to Australian Standard 2359.1:2019.
  • Load restraint system design – design and certification of load restraint systems according to the National Transport Commission (NTC) Load Restraint guide 2018 for light and heavy vehicles. Transmod has helped fleet owners simplify their load lashing by verifying the strength of blocking structures fitted to tray bodies and trailers.
  • Transport stands and workshop stands – Design and certification of new and existing stands to Australian Standard AS 2538:2016
  • Design verification for registerable plant by RPEQ engineer – Supporting the process of registering new and modified plant with government bodies by providing assurance that the design has  been verified to the appropriate standards.
  • Vehicle system design and verification – Specialising in engineering standards relating to road vehicles.
  • Design, drafting and stress analysis – design drafting and computer stress analysis